Dos Amigos Means Double the Fun

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Located in the south-southwest corner of Cocos Island, Dos Amigos offers you twice the fun with two dive sites each having the tremendous bounty of marine life and an amazing underwater rock formation. Aside from hammerhead sharks, you will be amazed by the archway formation of rocks resembling an underwater billboard which is a unique way of saying “Welcome to Dos Amigos”.

Dive Profile

Type of Diving: Liveaboard and Deep Diving
Maximum Depth: 30 meters (100 feet)
Average Depth: 25 meters (82 feet)
Visibility: 20 – 25 meters (60 – 80 feet)
Water Temperature: 73 – 75 OF (22 – 24 OC)

The Usual Dive Plan

While Dos Amigos is composed of two protruding rocks with some distance from each other creating this miniature channel in between, your dive plan will generally include a mild drift dive going with the flow of current in a direction leading either to Dos Amigos Grande or Dos Amigos Pequena.

Dos Amigos Grande

Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter

Considered as the larger of the twin rock formation, or as they call it Two Friends, your adventure in Dos Amigos Grande will start by descending through a large swim-through that can comfortably fit your whole dive group. Once you arrive at the cleaning station at 30 meters (100 feet), your hammerhead shark interaction will start where Dos Amigos Grande is one of the few spots in Cocos Island where you can see motionless hammerhead sharks while being cleaned and taken cared by cleaner fish.

Of course, there are hundreds of other species that you can marvel with while diving in Dos Amigos Grande like whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays, schools of snappers and jacks. When you start ascending, please do not forget to look up where you will be amazed by the silhouette of the rocky archway that rises from the reef bottom up to 20 meters (60 feet) just below the surface.

Surfacing up to a shallower depth will expose you to some current again which can lead your dive away from the archway going to a small islet wall filled with yellowtail snappers (Ocyurus chrysurus) and rainbow runners (Elagatis bipinnulata). If possible, you can bring your underwater flashlight or torch where the reef wall is filled with lobsters that are hiding in cracks and crevices.

Dos Amigos Pequena

Your dive in this small rock protrusion will start by descending to a barren volcanic slope while your finning should synchronize with the tow and flow of surge until you arrive at cleaning station.

Photo courtesy from IUCN

Although your descent to the reef may be choppy, once you arrive at the deeper portions of the cleaning station, conditions may subside and become tranquil where your focus will shift from finning down to a quite observation of hammerhead sharks. But actually, the word quite is not applicable to this site as the reef is packed with action courtesy from the school of hammerhead sharks which may come from all directions. Visibility in Dos Amigos Pequena is generally better compared to its larger twin allowing you to see hammerhead sharks from a distance.


Photo courtesy from Dive the World

As you end your dive and start to ascend, you will find that this rock formation is shaped like an inverted cone filled with a huge population of jacks, blue-striped snappers (Lutjanus kasmira) and Pacific Creolefish (Paranthias colonus). Lastly, we advise you to swim out towards the mid ocean giving you a safe position during your safety stop that is away from the rocks where surge may go from heavy to worst.


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