Google Map of Cocos Island, Costa Rica

This map unfortunately is covered with a lot of clouds, but since there’s not much to see on the land, since there’s no development, it doesn’t really matter. You can see there are no roads and no infrastructure, because it’s completely wild other than a small ranger station.

Cocos Island is pretty much King Kong island… perpetually shrouded with clouds and mystery.

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CY 2019 Schedule of Liveaboard Trips to Cocos Island

Due to high demand of liveaboard trips to Cocos island, as early as this year, we are publishing the CY 2019 trips for you to choose your preferred schedule and prepare for the ultimate diving adventure of your life. Travel Dates Name of Vessel Price (US$) Remarks Jan 2 – 12, 2019 MV Argo 5,295 […]