Historic Maps of Cocos Island

Isla de Coco Old Map

Jose Maria Figueroa’s Old Map of Isla de Coco – 1867


Early Map showing the Northern Coast

Cocos Island Map showing the Northern Coast

1932 Map of Cocos Island

Cocos Island Map from 1932

Old Map – Date Unknown

Old Map of Cocos Island - Date Unknown

Historic Map from Costa Rica Archives


Isla de Coco – Mapa de 1889

Isla de Coco - Mapa de 1889

Cocos Island Old Map

Cocos Island Old Map

Dead Man’s Island Map 1699

Dead man's Island Map 1699?

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Getting to Cocos island and boarding your liveaboard vessel doesn’t just require you to pack your things and pay your fees. It takes a little bit of preparation and some requirements in order for you to totally enjoy the beauty of Cocos island, both on land and underwater. Here are some preparations and requirements needed […]