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A liveaboard vessel in Cocos Island. Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

Beach entry or shore diving, as some may call it, is considered the easiest and cheapest way to explore the underwater world. But it has a list of limitations where divers prefer to go boat diving and begin their adventure right on the top of their preferred dive spot saving time and energy swimming out. However, there are sites that are located in far-off remote areas and doesn’t just require any kind of boat.

Liveaboard: It’s the only Way to Cocos Island

Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

In the case of Cocos island, there is only one way to explore its underwater beauty: sign-up for a liveaboard trip. Aside from the distance of 550 km (340 mi) from mainland Costa Rica where no small dive boats has ever reach, overnight staying on the island itself is strictly prohibited as it has been declared a National Park and a World Heritage Site.

In case you are planning to go to Cocos Island on a small dive boat with lots of reserve gasoline, bringing all the scuba equipment and camping out on the island (which for some seems exciting and interesting), please heed our advice and forget about it. If you are also thinking about the expense, the cost of doing so compared to signing-up for a liveaboard trip would almost be the same. But definitely, there would be a great difference in terms of comfort and security.

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Onboard Dive Shop, Hotel and Restaurant

Liveaboard vessels are custom built ships that can carry-out long range trip with an onboard diving facility like compressor, tanks, equipments and accessories. It can even carry small boats (called skiffs) that ferry you to a particular dive spot in Cocos Island while the mother ship is safely anchored.

The Dive Deck. Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

In terms of accommodation, luxury and comfort are the words the perfectly describes the interior of a liveaboard ship. If you worry that you will be sleeping in a tightly cramped space, then worry no more as all of the rooms are spacious, carpeted, air-conditioned and has its own bathroom.

Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

Not unless you want to munch in your favorite snacks, you don’t need to bring any as food is serve during the entire duration of the trip. Please do not think that the foods served onboard are canned goods or frozen delights as freshly cooked meals, fruits and drinks prepared by highly trained Chefs are often served on their restaurant style dining hall. You can even indulge for some wine or beer which is free at the bar. And here’s the thing for you midnight munchers: the fridge is always full of food and softdrinks which are all at your disposal.

Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

At the end of the day, if we still give you the chance to choose between backpacking in a small dive boat or signing up for a liveaboard trip, which will you choose? While we probably know your answer, reading this article alone is nothing compared when you experience it for yourself and indulge in a once in a lifetime vacation.

So, to prepare yourself for your actual liveaboard cruise, you can read our related article about the Undersea Hunter Group which is considered a model and forerunner of liveaboard diving in Cocos Island.

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