MV Sea Hunter

Company: The Undersea Hunter Group
Year Built: 1980 and restored in 2010
Type of Vessel: Steel Hulled Yacht
Length: 36 meters (115 feet)
Beam: 8.1 meters (26 feet)
Cruising Speed: 9.5 knots
Maximum Capacity:  20 dive guest + 14 crew

Cocos Island is a national marine park located offshore with a distance of  550 kilometers (340 miles) from mainland Costa Rica where an overnight presence and stay of humans in the island itself is strictly prohibited. With this, exploring the underwater habitats of this remote location calls for a liveaboard style of diving where one of the vessels that has been operating for years is the MV Sea Hunter. Formerly assigned as a commercial dive support vessel, the Sea hunter was fully renovated in 2010 to become one of the vessels of the Undersea Hunter Group who specializes in liveaboard diving.

On-board Lodging

The vessel has 10 air-conditioned cabins that can accommodate a total of 20 dive guest with a twin sharing system per room. Cabins 1 to 8 can be found on the lower deck while cabins 9 and 10 are located on the upper deck. Nonetheless, each cabin has its own personal bathroom with hot shower and hand basin, a cabinet, shelf, mirror and space for luggage. It is also equipped with power outlets with voltage rating of 110 volts. If you want to enjoy the comforts and privacy of a cabin all by yourself, then you can book a cabin for single occupancy at an added cost.

Lower Deck Cabins

Cabin 1

Cabin 2

Cabin 3

Cabin 4

Cabin 5

Cabin 6

Cabin 7

Cabin 8

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Upper Deck Cabins

Cabin 9

Cabin 10

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Fine Dining at Sea

If you think bringing your own food is a problem, then you can now sit back and relax as the vessel provides a sumptuous yet well-balanced meals during the entire duration of the trip. Served at the restaurant-style dining hall with a serving waiter, you will feast in your breakfast, lunch and dinner from an array of international and local cuisine that is made and prepared by their in-house chef. In case you want to munch in between, snacks like cookies, candy bars and ice cream is also served. Coffee, bottled water and softdrinks are always on the house. But in case you want to indulge in a limited amount of alcoholic drinks, they also serve wine which can be purchase onboard. If you have any food preference or dietary restrictions, please inform them in advance. And you know what’s best with MV Sea Hunter is that you don’t need to worry about dirty clothes because they provide free laundry service onboard.

Located across the dining hall is the main lounge where its ample and comfortable space makes it a perfect place for socializing.

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The Diving Comfort of MV Sea Hunter

Worry about where to place your bulky gears and camera? With the dive gear storage area of MV Sea Hunter which is located just outside the main lounge, you don’t need to worry about safely storing your gear. Each dive guest is provided with its own storage space. They even have a separate storage for your underwater camera and a separate rinsing area for it. Unlike your previous dive trip where you have possibly experienced overcrowding while setting up each individual gear, the dive deck of MV Sea Hunter provides you ample space to set-up your gear without bumping other divers.

Nitrox diving is usually your type of diving profile in Cocos island where it allows you more time underwater without suffering the effects of nitrogen narcosis. While most dive trips charge you extra for every nitrox tank consumed, with MV Sea Hunter it is totally for free. As Rebreathers are fast becoming a fad in Cocos island, the crew of MV Sea Hunter will happy to provide you with canisters and scrubbers for a fee. Just make sure you include this in your booking for them to prepare in advance.

Skiff boats are your main transportation in going to every dive spot around Cocos Island where each team (usually composed of 8-10 divers) is led and guided by a divemaster. As strong water current is always prevailing in almost of all the dive sites, each diver is given a personal dive locator which is attached to the BCD jacket to avoid becoming lost to the group both at surface and underwater.

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A Chance to go Deep Sea Diving in a Submersible

Have you read our related article about its sister vessel MV Argo where she carries an onboard deep-sea submersible and that its guest can have this rare opportunity to go deep-sea diving?

If so, do not worry as your chances of doing a deep-sea dive is still possible even if MV Sea Hunter does not have its own deep-sea submersible. Most often than not, the MV Sea Hunter and MV Argo will meet at Cocos Island at least 2 days of each 10-day trip. During this meeting of vessels, guest from MV Sea Hunter can board the deep-sea submersible from MV Argo and go deep-sea diving up to 300 meters (1,000 feet). Their most popular deep-sea dive will take you to a deep seamount called Everest where you can see deep-sea creatures like prickly sharks, black corals and other oddly-looking creatures not seen in the shallows.

So with this, if you want to do this deep-sea dive, we suggest you include this in your reservation / booking as slots for this trip is limited to a few.

For more information, you can read our related article about Deep Sea Diving in a Submersible.

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Book with us SOON

We are announcing to all Cocoholics (addicts of Cocos Island) and to those who are seeking the ultimate dive adventure that we are on the final stage of the agreement between the Undersea Hunter Group where we can assist and book you to your liveaboard cruise with MV Sea Hunter.

Allow us to handle the tedious booking process and have more time preparing for your actual liveaboard trip to Cocos Island.

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